Image: Iravatham Mahadevan
Image: Iravatham Mahadevan

If you modify an Indus symbol by adding one point of light at each of the cardinal points, it signifies that the statement is true everywhere. This is the symbol for the adjective calm or quiet combined with the noun everywhere. Hence, it means that everywhere is quiet.

Illustrative Text Reference:

Gola Dhoro: New find: No CISI number: Hollow seal: Ancient Indus seal found at Gola Dhoro: Photograph (NB. the image has to be flipped in order to resemble a sealing): © Kuldeep Bhan: Accessed: 19 February 2016.


In the context of the sample text, the best translation is that everywhere is safe.

Image Credit:

Indus Script Sign Number 66: Sign List of the Indus Script: Iravatham Mahadevan, 1977: The Indus Script: Texts, Concordance and Tables: The Director General Archaeological Survey of India.