Image: Lynn Fawcett
Image: Lynn Fawcett

This is a pictograph of a man wielding a throwing stick. Hence, it is the compound noun small game hunter.

Illustrative Text Reference:

Mohenjo-daro: Seal: M-1682 a: Asko Parpola, B. M. Pande, and Petteri Koskikallio, 2010: Corpus of Indus Seals and Inscriptions: Volume 3,1: Page 13: New material, untraced objects, and collections outside India and Pakistan: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia.


This is Mahadevan's sign number 27, which I have redrawn to better reflect the original.


Seal M-1682 is damaged. However, the porter in the inscription appears to be carrying sacks. This suggests that the throwing stick was used to hunt small game.

Image Credit:

Man with a Throwing Stick: Lynn Fawcett, 2018.