Image: Lynn Fawcett
Image: Lynn Fawcett

In this symbol, the noun star is combined with a pictograph of a cover. The cover glyph shares a common origin with the Chinese character 冖. In this case, a better translation for cover might be canopy. Thus, it is the noun canopy of stars.

Illustrative Text Reference:

Harappa: Tablet: H-2108 B: Asko Parpola, B. M. Pande, and Petteri Koskikallio, 2010: Corpus of Indus Seals and Inscriptions: Volume 3,1: Page 285: New material, untraced objects, and collections outside India and Pakistan: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia.

Image Credit:

Canopy of Stars: Lynn Fawcett, 2017.