Image: Lynn Fawcett
Image: Lynn Fawcett

In this pictograph of lotus buds, the flower stems have been cut. Hence, the symbol means lotus flower stems.

Illustrative Text Reference:

Chanhujo-daro: Copper object: C-40 A: Jagat Pati Joshi and Asko Parpola, 1987: Corpus of Indus Seals and Inscriptions: Volume 1: Page 338: Collections in India: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia.


This Indus sign should be distinguished from Mahadevan's sign number 367, which depicts the growing lotus plant.

It is interesting to note how the stems incorporate Mahadevan's sign number 1100, which means to chop or to slice.

Image Credits:

Lotus Flower Stems: Lynn Fawcett, 2018.


Indus Script Sign Number 1100: List of Sign Variants: Iravatham Mahadevan, 1977: The Indus Script: Texts, Concordance and Tables: The Director General Archaeological Survey of India.