Image: Lynn Fawcett
Image: Lynn Fawcett

This is a pictograph of a stylised hand. The hand is outstretched. Hence, this symbol is an ideograph for the negative verb do not.

Illustrative Text References:

Chanhujo-daro: Seal: C-23 a: Jagat Pati Joshi and Asko Parpola, 1987: Corpus of Indus Seals and Inscriptions: Volume 1: Page 333: Collections in India: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia.


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This is Mahadevan's sign number 1139, which I have redrawn to better reflect the original.


In the context of inscription C-23, the verb takes the past tense did not.

Image Credit:

Do Not: Lynn Fawcett, 2019.