A Note on this Website's Design

The Indus script is pictographic. In an ideal world, you would therefore, find your way around the site by identifying pictures and glyphs. However, this would require a lot of patience on your part, and a customised program that allowed me to incorporate pictures into the navigation menu.


I have tried to find a compromise, whereby the section headers have generalised labels, but the section lists only have pictures. In this first edition of the dictionary, the sections are grouped firstly by etymology, so that it can be seen how one Indus sign follows logically on from the previous sign, and secondly by theme.


The navigation menu is in English, with page titles that relate to the symbol or symbols in question, but you should understand that it is not meant to be used as a English to Indus script dictionary. The correct translation for any Indus symbol will depend upon the context.


The purpose of this website is to provide a tool that will assist in deciphering Indus texts. It is an Indus script to English dictionary.