Image: Lynn Fawcett
Image: Lynn Fawcett

This is a pictograph of a long-tailed macaque. The key identifiers for this animal are the tail and the stance.

Illustrative Text Reference:

Nindowari-damb: Seal: Nd-1 A (NB. The inscription would be the mirrored image of that seen in photograph Nd-1 A): Sayid Ghulam Mustafa Shah and Asko Parpola, 1991: Corpus of Indus Seals and Inscriptions: Volume 2: Page 409: Collections in Pakistan: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia.


In text Nd-1 from Nindowari-damb, we are told that the animals were stealing from baskets.

Image Credit:

Long-tailed Macaque: Lynn Fawcett, 2017.